About Graphic Engraving

we are a family owned and operated business

Founded in 1972 Graphic Engraving (awards123.com) has been providing quality awards, badges and promotional items to Atlanta's top business and organizations, as well as companies across the country. We can create large corporate programs with custom designed awards and we can make that one special award for business down the street. Everything we do we treat as it is the most important award we make, becuase to the person receiving it, it is exactly that.

A story about Penguin feet.

It's a completely different world then it was fifty years ago when we started Graphic Engraving. We have gone from hand-setting each engraved letter of type to state of the art digital imprinting and high powered laser engravers. But one thing that hasn't changed for us is our focus on providing the best experience for our customers, we listen and work to provide you with the solution that you will keep you coming back year after year. So what does that have to do with Penguin feet? Well, if you are the Atlanta Aquarium biologist who has to inspect penguin feet it means a custom design box to keep their waddle of penguins healthy and happy. We produced it with laser cut arcylic to allow the penguins feet to be examined without stress. Both the penguins and biologist were delighted. We have also worked with them on other projects for keeping the restaurant quality fish they feed their marine animals fresh, as well as special awards for staff members.

We love our job and look forward to working with you to provide awards, badges, and brand-building gifts to your most important assets, your people.

Trust Dale

Where does consumer advocate Dale Cardwell of www.trustdale.com go for his awards needs? Graphic Engraving of course. He is pictured above with Nevin and Brian Hagerty on a recent visit to our Doraville showroom.