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We make awards and personalized items for the important events in people's lives.
Years of Service, Retirement, Team Building, Brand Promotion and more.


Bamboo Standing Plaque


Cutting Board


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Bamboo Coaster Set


Reclaimed Wood Plaque

Employee Recognition is essential for Success

Recognition Improves Retention

A key element of any successful company is its ability to find and retain the best talent on the market, and employee recognition is seen as one of the most effective ways to boost employee retention while at the same time forming part of an attractive employment offer for new recruits.
Today, new hires don’t just take into account the salary and benefits, but also your ethos and vision, personal growth opportunities, and, of course, your company’s ability to give credit where it’s due. An employee recognition program then, should be part of your original offer, reassuring potential staff as to your duty of care.

Build A Happy Productive Environment

Stressed employees are not as productive as happy, motivated ones. A comprehensive employee recognition program can help reduce stress by reinforcing how valuable an individual is to the company. Stress-free employees help spread a feeling of productive calm throughout the office, improving happiness while reducing sick days and turnover.

Reward, Recognize, Repeat

Dale Carnergie said it best. "People work for money, but go that extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards."

Easy Ordering

Just select your awards or other items, send us the logo and text, and we do the rest. Order online or by email. Our standard production time is 5 working days - but if you have to have it sooner, just let us know, we will find a way to make it happen!

Artwork Proofs

Awards, gifts, and new badge designs receive a free artwork proof. Repeat badge orders are made to the specifications of the orginal order so no proofs are sent but all spelling is guaranteed correct.

Custom Order Form

To make reordering of custom items fast and easy, we provide you with custom order forms for name badges, office signs, and monthly awards. This also allow you to order the same badge across your whole organization.
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